Thursday, January 10, 2019

Will you be busy this year?...or productive?

If you’re like most business owners and professionals you’ve started the year full of great intentions… just like last year.  Then reality hits and dealing with your day to day “busyness” takes the place of working on your great intentions.  Our lives are filled with so many areas vying for our attention that the only way that you will get to where you want to be by the end of 2019 is to identify your goals and then put systems in place NOW that will clearly identify where your attention of time, energy and resources need to be.

First things first:

What are your 3 main objectives for 2019?  You can’t do it all!!!  And the more you try to do on your own, the less you actually achieve.  Create a document that outlines your 3 objectives… I’ve created mine in Canva…pretty and colourful works for me 😊  …then put that document where you can see it EVERY day.

Once you’ve figured out your main objectives you need to create a plan to get you there.  The activity in that plan are your PRIORITIES!  When you prioritize on a day to day basis ask yourself these few questions:

1.      Is this in line with my objectives?
2.      What is the result or reward of doing this?
3.      What is the benefit of doing this?
4.      What is the consequence of not doing this?
5.      Do I need to do this myself or can someone else do it?

I teach a whole process around the 4 Ds

1.      Delete it
2.      Delegate it
3.      Defer it
4.      Do it

You’ll notice the that DO IT is the last option.  Most of us tend to do way too many tasks that are just part of the “busyness”, or that can be deleted, delegated or deferred.

If you’re interested in finding out how to be more focused, productive, confident and efficient check out the 10 week Time Management & Productivity Course I will be delivering at Safety Services NS.  This is open to Nova Scotia business owners and professionals and is an initiative of the NS Workplace Education Program and is free of charge.

To learn more or to register contact:

Dakota Wallace

(P) (902) 454-9621 Ex 229
(F) (902) 454-6027

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