Monday, May 29, 2017

12 Tips To Be Your Best You When You Work From Home

  1. Start your day from a place of energy and inspiration – start your day by preparing your mind and body for a productive day.  Exercise, meditate, journal, do affirmations – whatever moves you.  Create a morning program that addresses your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.
  2. Have an office or workspace that you want to be in – design it so that it’s functional but decorate it so it speaks to you.
    3.     Have a daily action plan that is driven by your overall goals and objectives.  Create your to-do list by the results you want to achieve.  Having no overall plan IS a plan – just not a good one.
    4.     Schedule your time – batch similar work, “Eat That Frog” – do the work you don’t want to do first so it doesn’t take up valuable headspace for the day.  Create focus on a project by setting a timer.  And have business hours.  A lot of folks that work from home have a harder time NOT working than working
    5.     Schedule time for email, social media, phone calls etc.  Most people organize their day around other people’s agenda, not their own.  You need to do the important stuff that will move you forward towards your goals.
    6.     Small habits = big results.  What do you need to do on a daily basis to be the best version of you?  Figure that out and stick to it!
    7.     Plan to Connect – get together with like-minded entrepreneurs.  Work together somewhere… go for coffee or lunch… create a mastermind group… join a networking group.  Do whatever it takes to be motivated and inspired.
    8.     Don’t do it all!  Figure out what YOU need to do, then delegate, eliminate or automate the rest.
    9.     Have a system of accountability – try an accountability partner, a mastermind group, a board of directors or hire a professional to keep you on track.  This is probably one of the most important aspects for ANY professional… not just those who work from home.
    10.   Learn to say NO – just because you work from home doesn’t mean that you have the time to be the family’s errand chick.  It’s great to have the flexibility to schedule your work around your life, but not if it means you’re still up at midnight trying to get stuff done because you couldn’t find the time to do it during the time you scheduled for work.
    11.   Understand that you are the master of your technology and stop letting the technology rule your life.  When you’re working on a specific project and have a timer set, let’s say for 45 minutes… then turn off everything that would interrupt you… phone, email, social media etc.
    12.   Invest in the right technology to help you streamline your activity and keep you productive.  There are TONS of technology solutions made specifically for small businesses that will help you automate your business and increase productivity.

    Do you have any tips to share?  Any technology or programs that make your life easier?  I'd love to hear from you!