Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Whose Goals are they Anyway???

I work with soooo many clients who say they aren't reaching their goals and are super frustrated.  When we actually get to work looking at those goals, challenges, obstacles, etc., more often than not the goals they were working towards weren't really in sync with what they really wanted.   Goals often conflict with each other because most of us don't really take the time that's needed to REALLY think about what you want ... we're sort of on this ever moving treadmill and anchored to a life of busywork... STOP!!!  Take time to identify what YOU want and I bet you'll be amazed how much more motivated you'll be to reach them.  Grab a friend, an accountability buddy, a coach, create a mastermind group - whatever it takes for you to take the time to think, brainstorm and yes, get feedback.

Here are things to be careful of when setting your goals:

1. Make sure the goals are yours - not your manager's, your spouse's, your friends, parents etc. or society's in general.

2. Your heart isn't in it - you really don't care - you're simply doing it because you think it's what you should do.

3. You're hanging around soul suckers - you know who they are - they are toxic, they poo poo on your dreams - they don't want you to outgrow them.  Find positive, motivated, inspirational and giving people - there are lots out there.

4. You're over extended - you can't accomplish are your goals at once and you can't do everything yourself.  Be realistic - have laser focus on one goal at a time...multi tasking is a myth!!!  Delegate whenever possible.  We all need a support team - figure out what your team looks like for you.

5. It's toooo hard (insert "whine whine" here) - yeah - some things are hard.  Don't be one of the "yeah but" people... or the "if only I could.... but..."  Really???? 

Grab on tight - go for it - be persistent!!!  It's a lot more fun if it's a goal you really want - Good Luck!

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