Monday, March 27, 2017

Stop Going it Alone

There are so many great reasons to be an Entrepreneur in NS.  I've been in business for over 10 years and I can't imagine ever working for someone else again.  In general, being an Entrepreneur provides you with flexibility, control, ability to follow through with ideas, you work with who you want and spend time with who you want... it really is a world of opportunities, not limitations.  But being an Entrepreneur in NS brings even more benefits to the business owner.  Here are my top 3 reasons why I feel it's great to be an Entrepreneur in Nova Scotia!!!

1.  I meet the most amazing people!  My world is full of the best, interesting, engaged, enthusiastic, smart and caring people.  Halogonians have a great reputation in general, but Entrepreneurial Halogogians absolutely ROCK!!!!

2.  There are MANY organizations in Nova Scotia that are there to help Entrepreneurs at any stage of their businesses.  There are one on one and group programs... courses... trainings... government subsidized programs... just so many organizations and people that want to help you succeed!!!

3. FUNDING!!!!  There are funding programs for business development, skills and productivity improvement, export development, research, hiring, etc .... the programs offer financial support up to 100%.  I'll be doing a lunch and learn on this so be sure to book early.  I'm sure it will be a popular session!

I've taken advantage of many funding opportunities, business development programs, training and courses.  You don't have to go it alone!!!  I've also worked with many clients that have received funding to cover my fees.  Join me on Thursday, April 13 to get a snapshot of the support that's available to Entrepreneurs in Nova Scotia.  If you want to discuss working with me specifically and what programs would be available for that and don't want to wait until April 13th, we can book a coffee date.   The new fiscal year for funding starts on April 1st, so it's best to get applications in asap.

NS Funding & Programs for Entrepreneurs - book your seat now... space limited.

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

My Original Female Entrepreneur Role Model

My maternal Grandmother, Alice Kathleen Brophy (born Bartlett) is my original female entrepreneur role model.  I'm writing this on International Women's Day, understanding that some of you won't read it for about another week when you receive my newsletter....Having said that I feel compelled to honour her on this day.  My Grandmother (Nan) was born in 1915 and was about 4 foot nothing and full of piss and vinegar.  She started a village grocery store in the late forties or early fifties... not sure on the exact date.  Her store was the hub of our fishing village.  She sold everything from fish hooks to bologna.  She gave "tick" to everyone.  Fishermen didn't receive regular pay cheques and Nan provided their groceries and supplies, sometimes for months, until they sold their catch.  There would have been many hungry families if it weren't for her generosity.  She was generous... but she was also tough, smart, honest, kind, fair, loving, a teacher, a tough negotiator, a devout Catholic and above all, an amazing role model to me.  I can remember people coming to the door late at night long after the store had closed to get something for a fisherman's lunch, or for a sick child's fever.  No one was ever turned away.

I am the oldest of her 10 grandchildren and there were many special things that went along with that role.  One big privilege was that I was the first to "mind the store".  I was taught how to document in the "tick" book what was being bought, how to do the inventory, packing and unpacking, shelving and how to add up what was owing to her.  We would add page after page of items purchased over weeks and sometimes months... all in our heads!  No calculators back then!  She was a wiz!  My Grandfather, a fisherman, retired due to health long before Nan passed away.  She ran the store until the day she died at 77, hanging out clothes on a beautiful April spring day.

Here's a really crappy picture I took of her and Grandad in the store on Christmas Day... it was my first camera... I think I was about 13 :).  They are still 2 of my most favourite people in my world.

I'm aware of the many things she taught me, but I'm also aware that there are many, many more things that are simply part of me because of her.  I've had so many female role models and influencers in my life that I could write a book.  Today I am thinking about many of them and thanking and honouring them.  I hope you are doing the same,