Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Create a “STOP DOING LIST” Today!

This week when you start your to do lists I suggest you create a “stop doing list”.  I would wager that you would see more productivity from implementing a “stop doing list”, than ticking off the many tasks on your to do list.  Early on in our businesses we wear all the hats and juggle a zillion tasks.  As you progress if you don’t focus on YOUR SECRET SAUCE  you will be stuck in the vicious cycle of doing everything, working too long, not being productive and not making enough money!

Here are some areas where entrepreneurs can get buried – get real with yourself and stop the cycle.

Doing your own things like bookkeeping or designing.  Even if you’re okay at these things they aren’t what you went into business for (unless of course they are J).  Delegate them to someone who will do them more efficiently leaving you to the job of business building.

Getting Trapped in Busy Work – spending hours on a facebook timeline photo or making sure all your file folders are colour coded are things that you SHOULDN’T be spending your time on.  How about spending that time connecting with past or future clients, organizing or attending a networking event – which is a better use of your time?

Easy gratification versus long term success – stop focusing on the small things that are easily completed and give you instant gratification by ticking them off your to do list.  Think about one strategic priority that you can work on each day and spend your time taking a bite out of that.

Perfectionism Paralysis – plain and simple this can kill your business!  There is no such thing as perfect anyway – it’s all in the eye of the beholder.  Strive for excellence, not perfection – and sometimes done is better than excellent.  Be selective and decide in advance what level of excellence is required for each job.

I’d love to hear what ends up on YOUR  “STOP DOING LIST” – just don’t do it!

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